Viber / Tel: +38(066)-32-74-634

Viber / Tel: +38(066)-32-74-634

OV Translation Agency

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Translation services

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Written translation

OV Translation Agency exists to provide outstanding written translation services, working with different kinds of texts based on their stylistics: legal, scientific, technical, informative, publicistic, literary and other. Our team includes more than 100 reliable specialists that have the second higher education – economic, legal or technical – along with a main linguistic one.
We cooperate both with companies and individuals; it is an absolute given for us to provide high quality services for all our partners.

Translation of audio and video materials

The audio and video translation service includes transformation of speech into a written text with adaptation of a subject matter and lexis for the target audience.
We take great care to provide you with a grammatically correct and professional translation of the highest quality, when working on any advertising clip, presentation or audio book.


OV Translation Agency offers a transcription service (text typing from audio/video recordings). You may order a full range of services including a time codes placing for subtitling.

Poetry translation

Poetry translation is one of the most difficult translation types. OV Translation Agency provides poems and songs translation service from/into English. The ultimate goal of our work with poems is to stay as close to the sense as possible. Our specialists will preserve the nature of the original poem or song as well as their specific character.

The minimum term of urgent order execution - 1-2 hours for a translation of the standard documents and from 4 hours for a text translation.

A rush fee for urgent order execution shall amount to 30-50%, depending on the scope and complexity of the work to be done.

Other services

Project 1

DTP service

OV Translation Agency provides DTP services (magazines and books, catalogues, advertising modules, labels, invitation cards etc.)
Our team includes highly qualified DTP designers that have all corresponding skills.
We will do our best to make a layout of any materials as quickly as possible and in a highly qualitative manner, taking into consideration all your requirements.
We use Ilustrator, Indesign, AutoCAD as well as other programs.

Project 2

Document layout for translation

Would you like your translation to look exactly like the source text? We will do it with the greatest of care!
OV Translation Agency will help you to make a layout of your text for translation, having preserved its original appearance taking into consideration all your requirements and wishes.

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About us

OV Translation Agency is a young and dynamically developing company. The main criterion of our work is the quality of the services provided.
Our qualified managers and a big base of linguists allow us to perform translations of any complexity quickly and at the highest level. We find approach to each customer and take into consideration all the wishes when accepting the order.
Availability of own equipment base, price policy, quick reply to any request allow us to satisfy all the requirements of the most demanding customers across a number of different business sectors.
OV Translation Agency works closely with native speakers from different countries all over the world. We never use machine translation in our work.
We are always glad to help you to get exactly what you expect!

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